Meet 2022 RBSI Scholar, Ryan Brooks, Central Connecticut State University

Ryan Brooks, Central Connecticut State University

Ryan Brooks is a rising senior at Central Connecticut State University majoring in political science with a minor in philosophy. As an undergraduate, Ryan has consistently been recognized for his academic success on his school’s Deans and Presidents List. An avid writer, Ryan served as Assistant News Editor for Central’s student newspaper for two years, writing critically on issues of social justice and other contemporary events. Following his passion for social justice, Ryan was selected from a competitive pool of applicants as an academic scholar for the John Lewis Institute for Social Justice at his school. Specifically, Ryan is interested in studying various aspects of Populism in America and Western Europe. He is currently conducting research with Dr. Trevor Allen, exploring shifts in the political behavior of voters due to Right-Wing populist rhetoric. After graduation, Ryan intends to pursue a Doctoral degree in political science, where he hopes to continue his academic work exploring Populism. Additionally, while in graduate school, he plans to start a non-profit consulting organization targeted at helping those in communities of color with an interest in Academia.

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