Meet 2022 RBSI Scholar, Devin Green, Johns Hopkins University

Devin Green, Johns Hopkins University

Devin Green is a Junior at Johns Hopkins University studying political science. He is currently a research assistant in the P3 Lab at the Agora Institute studying social movements theory and organizing strategy. This work has given him experience writing literature reviews, coding qualitative data, and he’ll soon embed with organizers in Georgia to understand the inner workings of their operation during the 2020 election. He is also a research fellow at the student-led Vanguard Think Tank and writes bi-weekly analyses of current affairs in North America. Devin is a first-generation student and studied at community college before transferring to Hopkins. These experiences inform his interest in studying how we can empower vulnerable communities to participate in democracy. He hopes to pursue his PhD in Political Science after graduating from Hopkins to further explore questions of community building, strengthening democracy, and empowering those typically excluded from the democratic equation.

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