Meet 2020 DFP Spring Fellow, Michelle Bueno Vásquez; 2021 Applications Open – Deadline March 19

Michelle Bueno Vásquez is a political science PhD student at Northwestern University. Michelle graduated from the University of Chicago with special honors in political science, with a focus on studying effects of stereotype threat on Black high school students’ political attitudes. As a graduate student, Michelle studies American and Comparative politics, with a focus on race and identity formation in Afro-Latino communities. Currently, she is researching how transnational information flows can mutate ideas of race throughout the Dominican diaspora, particularly between the United States and Dominican Republic. She hopes to pursue a dissertation agenda that explores the political and social movement implications of the Afro-Latino identity that exists at the margin in the United States, its impact on Black and Latino coalition building, and how this burgeoning movement spreads and manifests in Latin America.

Apply Now for the APSA 2021-2022 Diversity Fellowship Program (DFP), Spring Cycle

Deadline for Applications: March 19, 2021

The APSA Diversity Fellowship Program, formerly the Minority Fellowship Program, established in 1969, aims to increase diversity in the discipline of political science. The Spring DFP supports students from underrepresented backgrounds who are currently enrolled in the first or second year of a political science Ph.D. program. Awards will range between $1000 to $2000, depending on the availability of funds. Please apply for the program or share this information with a colleague who could benefit from this opportunity.