Meet 2019 RBSI Scholar, Gaviota Del Mar Hernández Quiñones

Gaviota Del Mar Hernández Quiñones, Washington College

Gaviota Del Mar Hernández Quiñones  is a junior at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, where she belongs to the Cater Society, a research fellowship for high-achieving students. Originally from Puerto Rico, Gaviota migrated to the United States to study political science. There, she founded the university’s first Latin American Students’ Association and became engaged in campus life by participating in the Black History Month and Latinx History Month committees. As a teacher assistant for the Modern Languages Department, she teaches 100-level and 200-level Spanish undergraduate courses. Hernández Quiñones is also a Community Outreach Coordinator and interviewer for the National Home Front Project, a World War II oral history program. Her. Moreover, she emphasizes the importance of intersectionality as framework for the study of individual and collective political behavior. Upon graduation, Gaviota intends to enroll in an interdisciplinary PhD program in political science to pursue research on US-Latin American relations, democracy, and the establishment of neo-liberalism across the American continent.

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