Meet 2019 RBSI Scholar, Betzaira Mayorga

Betzaira Mayorga, Florida Gulf Coast University

Betzaira Mayorga is an honors student at Florida Gulf Coast University. She is majoring in political science, with a minor in Economics. Betzaira became motivated to major in political science through her challenges and experience as a college executive officer and a statewide legislative officer, setting the agenda and educating student government members on the legislative process. By advocating for students in the Florida Capital, Ms. Mayorga sparked an interest in advocating for other marginalized communities in the state of Florida with the Florida Student Power Network and Florida Immigrant Youth Network. As a DACA recipient and a Latinx woman, Betzaira has played a variety of roles as a spokesperson, panelist, writer, and an organizer on campus and in her community. She uses scholarly perspectives to shine light on the complexity of political and social-economic issues being discussed in recent times. She is excited to start a campus podcast this semester focused on the intersection of pop culture, history and politics pinpointing the effects on the regions surrounding the university. She is planning to continue her education by attending graduate school to further expand her ability to research how economic policy affects the structure of economies and communities.   

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