Meet 2018 RBSI Scholar, Deja Bryant

Deja Bryant, Howard University

Deja Bryant is an honors student at Howard University, majoring in political science and minoring in journalism. Deja is an Artishia and Frederick Jordan Scholar as well as a Reginald F. Lewis Scholar at the university. Passionate about activism, Deja is serving her second term as the vice president of Howard University’s NAACP chapter and works to mobilize disenfranchised communities through political and civic engagement. She also serves as the secretary for the Howard University Political Science Society. Deja’s dedication to social justice, people and politics is reflected in her various research experiences. She has worked as a researcher for the Digital Ward Valley project focusing on the activism of Native American tribes in Ward Valley, California; and as a policy and programs intern at the Public School Forum of North Carolina. She has explored racial equity at the intersection of education, government and advocacy; and worked as a researcher for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Avoice Virtual Library. Deja is currently conducting her undergraduate honors thesis research on partisanship as it relates to political behavior within the black electorate. Deja aspires to advance her education by entering into a dual JD/PhD program and embarking on a career that embodies equity, equality and giving voice to disenfranchised groups.

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