Meet 2018 RBSI Scholar, Catalina Udani

Catalina Udani, University of Central Florida

Catalina Udani is an honors junior at the University of Central Florida studying human communication, intelligence and national security, and terrorism studies. She has received the Lawrence J. Chastang Global Fellowship and the India Fellowship for Political Science Research, working with the Global Perspectives Office at UCF specializing on international conflict communication. A Dean’s List and National Merit scholar, she recently completed her undergraduate honors thesis, which was a thematic analysis of digital ISIS propaganda, framed with theories of communication. One of five members of her university’s Ethics Team, which placed fifth in the National Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl, Catalina developed research interests in political ethics, public relations, and justice through mediation. She spent last summer working in Munich, Germany in international public relations as a translator and a bilingual writer. After immigrating to the United States as a child, Catalina became interested in the ways emergent media could affect international communication, particularly in the amelioration of conflicts in foreign relations. Upon graduation, she plans to use her research interest to pursue a graduate degree in peace and conflict studies.

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