Meet 2016 Fund for Latino Scholarship Recipient Liana Eustacia Reyes-Reardon

ReyesReardonLianaWeb-resize252x311Liana Eustacia Reyes-Reardon is a graduate student at Rice University, where she is currently earning a PhD in political science. Mrs. Reyes-Reardon is also a visiting research fellow at National Defense University’s Center for Complex Operations. Her research is focused on conflict and cooperation, with particular emphasis on armed non-state actors (alliances, territorial control, governance, strategic behavior). She holds an MA in politics from New York University and an MA in global affairs and Juris Doctor from Florida International University. The APSA Fund for Latino Scholarship will assist Mrs. Reyes-Reardon in attending her first APSA annual meeting by providing the funds necessary to cover hotel, transportation, and/or registration costs. The assistance will allow her to present her research and engage the APSA community. It will also allow her to attend relevant panels on methodological and theoretical approaches/findings in her area of interest. Hispanic political scientists, let alone Hispanic women, are marginally represented within the field of international relations, and even fewer within its subfield of international security. As a Hispanic woman focused on international security, Mrs. Reyes-Reardon’s presentation and participation at APSA furthers the objectives of the APSA Fund for Latino Scholarship, which is to encourage and promote Latino political scientists.
Learn more about the Fund for Latino Scholarship here.