Meet 2016 Fund for Latino Scholarship Recipient Angela X. Ocampo

OcampoAngelaAngela X. Ocampo is a PhD candidate at the University of California, Los Angeles. Angela’s general research interests focus on the political behavior of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities in the US. Specifically, she investigates the political behavior of Latinos/as both at the individual and elite level. Angela’s dissertation examines how feelings of belonging to US society, or lack thereof, condition the experiences of Latinos and influence their level of political engagement. Angela’s research also examines the process by which Latinos become elected officials.  Specifically, she investigates how electoral, institutional and contextual forces as well as policy demanders, shape the path of Latinos to elected office. Support from the APSA Fund for Latino Scholarship will help Angela finance part of the data collection for her dissertation. The data will be collected as part of a nationally representative post-election survey of Latinos. Angela’s dissertation advances the goals of the fund as it builds on the established findings on Latino political behavior and develops a novel framework for understanding how perceptions of membership and belonging in the US influence Latino political participation. Angela’s ability to collect original data would not be possible without the generous support from APSA Fund for Latino Scholarship.

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