Jennifer Piscopo, APSA Small Research Grant Scholar, Shares Her Success Story

Jennifer Piscopo
 sharesPiscopo_SRG Headshot her experience as an APSA Small Research Grant recipient and how the program supported her research project on “Gendering Legislative Institutions: Committees and Caucuses in Argentina and Mexico.”

I am really grateful to the APSA’s Small Research Grant Program, which supports the research of faculty at liberal arts colleges and other non-Ph.D. granting institutions. I received the APSA Small Research Grant in 2014, to support my project “Gendering Legislative Institutions: Committees and Caucuses in Argentina and Mexico.” This research examines the link between women’s presence in office (descriptive representation) and policy outcomes related to gender equality (substantive representation), focusing on the role of committees and caucuses as intervening variables.

The APSA Small Research Grant enabled me to spend three weeks in Argentina, interviewing female legislators and attending meetings of the women and family committee. I also strengthened my ties with Argentine academics and activists, and I began collaborating with local researchers on a separate project that examines the political careers of feminist legislators. The APSA Small Research Grant was thus invaluable, as I completed research for my monograph on women’s substantive representation while launching a new project on women’s political careers.

Jennifer M. Piscopo, Assistant Professor | Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA

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