Introducing the 2022 APSA Special Projects Fund Winners

The American Political Science Association has awarded a total of $248,538 in Special Projects Fund grants to twelve projects.

The thirty-two scholars who make up the twelve project teams collectively represent twenty-six institutions ranging from research universities to community colleges in eight different countries. Each of these projects seeks to push the Political Science discipline forward by advancing best practices in teaching and research ethics, supporting members of underrepresented groups who wish to join the profession, championing digital research methods, and creating partnerships between APSA and scholars across the globe. The strength of Political Science as a discipline has always been its diversity, both in terms of methods and approaches, as well as the people who make up the discipline. APSA is confident that these projects will continue to grow the discipline’s strength and we look forward to supporting the work these twelve teams will do to improve Political Science.

“These twelve projects reflect the wide range of work that political scientists are doing to both broaden our discipline and explore new ways to study some of the most pressing issues facing both the profession and the world around us.

I congratulate all the members of these twelve project teams, and I am delighted to support the exciting work these scholars have planned.” – Steven Rathgeb Smith, Executive Director of the American Political Science Association

This announcement provides details for each of the twelve Special Projects Fund winners in the posts to follow. Each project team has provided an abstract that summarizes the work they will be carrying out as well as the names and photographs of individual project members.