Funding Political Science Research: Recipients of Spring and Summer Centennial Center Research Grants Announced

The American Political Science Association (APSA) announced today a total of over $150,000 in funding for political science research through the Centennial Center for Political Science and Public Affairs. This includes the 2021 Summer Centennial Center Research Grants to be presented to 36 political scientists, and Spring Centennial Center Research Grants presented to 16 political scientists together representing 57 academic institutions.

The Centennial Center’s thirteen donor-created funds support both the spring and summer cycles of the research grant program. Each grant fund has a unique set of aims, which includes the support of international, legislative and electoral scholarship, as well as scholarship on race and gender. The Spring Centennial Center Research Grants Program specifically supports research conducted by political scientists in non-tenure track or contingent positions, and political science faculty of all ranks who are employed at community colleges or in departments that do not grant PhDs.

The grants awarded support projects focusing on a wide variety of topics, including research across all political science subfields, efforts to advance political science impact through public engagement, professional development opportunities, and scholarly collaboration around civically engaged research.

 2021 Spring Centennial Center Research Grant Recipients

Maggie Shum – University of Notre Dame 
Hong Kong Voices in American Politics

Kevin Lorentz – Saginaw Valley State University

Kim Saks McManaw – University of Michigan – Flint

Kyla K. Stepp – Central Michigan University
The Jury Will Disregard: The Effects of Inadmissible Evidence and Objections on Juror Behavior

Calla Hummel – University of Miami
Dana El Kurd – University of Richmond
Graduate Student Satisfaction Project

Emily Sydnor– Southwestern University
Lauren Santoro – University of Texas at Dallas
Blind Trust, Blind Skepticism: Liberals’ & Conservatives’ Response to Academic Research

Oya Dursun-Ozkanca – Elizabethtown College
Regional Alliances and Rising Geostrategic Competition in the Eastern Mediterranean: Implications for Transatlantic Relations

Christine Bricker – Warren Wilson College
Diffusion of County Zoning: The New Tool of Segregation?

Shannon Orr – Bowling Green State University
Responses to Food Insecurity in a Pandemic: Public Administration Challenges and Opportunities

Kelly Bauer – Nebraska Wesleyan University
Political Elites’ Rhetoric about Reserved Seats for Indigenous Communities in Chile’s Constitutional Convention

Caglayan Baser – New York University Abu Dhabi
Public Preferences and Foreign Support for Gender-Inclusive Armed Movements

Scott Martin – Columbia University
Labor Conflict and Work Practices at Amazon Brazil’s Warehouses: How Is “Amazon Capitalism” Contested in the Global South?

Young-Im Lee – California State University, Sacramento 
A Trailblazer or a Barrier? Voters’ Evaluation of the Impeached First Female President of South Korea

Joan Ricart-Huguet – Loyola University Maryland
Books, Goods, or Guns? The Origins of Elite Power in Contemporary Africa

Boris Heersink – Fordham University
Matthew J. Lacombe – Barnard College
Power in a Union: Tracing the Creation of the Alliance Between LGBT Activists and Labor Unions in the U.S. and U.K.

Sarah Jane Lockwood – Cambridge University
A Conjoint Experiment to Test the Role of Protest Brokers in Protest Mobilization

M.P. Broache – University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Melissa Baker & Peter Carey – University of California, Merced

Understanding the Gap Between Public and Scholarly Concepts of Political Violence

Onursal Erol – University of Southern California
Theaters of the Secular: Sex and Secularity in Claims to Modernity

2021 Summer Centennial Center Research Grant Recipients

2nd Century Fund:

Hannah Alarian & Andrew Rosenburg – University of Florida
National Identity and the Construction of Immigrant Labour Attitudes

Jeyhun Alizade – Princeton University
Citizen Reactions to Police Inclusion in Radical-Right Parties

Natasha Behl – Arizona State University
Politics of Belonging: Understanding Racial and Gendered Inequality in Academia

Heath Brown – City University of New York, Graduate Center and John Jay College
Niambi Carter – Howard University
Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) Virtual Book Workshop Fund

Joseph Cerrone – George Washington University
Who Cares About Immigration?

Shashwat Dhar – Vanderbilt University
Circular Migration and Citizen-State Linkages in Rural India

Carolyn Holmes – Mississippi State University
Mary Ann Mendoza – California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Meg K. Guliford – Perry World House, University of Pennsylvania
Michelle Jurkovich – University of Massachusetts, Boston
Telling It Like It Is: Descriptive Work and Political Science

Ashley Jardina – Duke University
Robert Mickey – University of Michigan
Racial Attitudes and White Americans’ Commitment to Democratic Principles

Ramazan Klinic – University of Nebraska, Omaha
The Rise and Fall of Muslim Democracy in Turkey


Alma Ostrom and Leah Hopkins Awan Civic Education Fund

Hajer Al-Faham – University of Pennsylvania 
Contingent Citizenship: Muslims in America

James Fahey – University of Florida
Playing Fair?: Cooperation, Competition and Support for Populism & Punitivism

Randy Villegas – University of California, Santa Cruz
College of the Sequoias Civic Engagement Speaker Series


Women & Politics Fund

Anirvan Chowdhury – University of California, Berkley
Religiously Conservative Parties and Women’s Political Mobilization: Evidence from India


Warren E. Miller Fund for Electoral Politics

Safia Farole – University of California, Los Angeles
Pandemic Voter Retrospection in South Africa’s Local Elections

Juliana Restrepo Sanin – University of Florida
Violence Against Women in Politics: The Role of Electoral Institutions

Hannah Ridge – University of Chicago

Jewish Ethnicity, Peace, and Democracy in Israel: A Conjoint Analysis


William A. Steiger Fund for Legislative Studies

Thalia Gerzso  – Cornell University
Judicial Dissent: The Role of Courts in Electoral Disputes

Andrew Janusz – University of Florida 
Race and Political Representation in Brazil

Christina Ladam – University of Nevada, Reno
Recruiting for Diversity in Formal Deliberation Initiatives

Joseph Lasky – Cornell University
Mapping Patterns of Dispute Resolution in Togo and Benin

Paul Musgrave – University of Massachusetts, Amherst
The Politics of Cybersecurity: Presidents, Congress, and Public Opinion

Guillermina Seri – Union College
Memorializing Human Rights Abuses in Democratic Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay

Jennifer Victor – George Mason University
Emergent Politics: How Rules and Relationships Determine Our Politics


Marguerite Ross Barnett Fund

Leann Mclaren – Duke University
Zoe Walker – University of Michigan
The Effects of Protest Activity on Support for Social Movements


Edward Artinian Fund for Publishing: 

Manaswini Ramkumar – American University
Call of Duty: Military Responses to Undemocratic Leadership

Alauna Safarpour – University of Maryland, College State Park
Taking Perspective: The Durability of Interventions to Reduce Racial Prejudice

Shuyuan Shen – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Signaling Effect of Censorship in Authoritarian Regimes

Kyungwon Suh – Syracuse University
Bargaining with the Bomb: Militarized Nuclear Signals and Coercive Bargaining

Daisy Vazquez – University of California, Los Angeles
The Political Consciousness, Attitudes, and Participation of Undocumented Constituencies


Rita Mae Kelly Fund

Susan Liebell – Saint Joseph’s University
Lilly J. Goren – Carroll University
Undue Burden: An Abortion Conference for the 21st Century

Fernando Tormos Aponte – University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Minority Graduate Placement Program (MIGAP)


James Bryce Fund for Political Science 

Frank Reichert – The University of Hong Kong
Citizenship Norms, Political Discontent and Trust Among Hong Kong Youth

Vinicius Rodrigues Vieira – Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP)
How Chinese Trade drove Populism in Brazil and the US


Huang Hsing Chun-tu Hsueh International Fellowship Fund 

Jingyuan Qian – University of Wisconsin, Madison 
Repression, Regime Consolidation, and Political Control in Modern China