Fostering Global Research Networks among Junior International Political Economy and International Economics Scholars

Graduate Students in International Political Economy (GSIPE) is a virtual workshop and networking space organized by doctoral students from both political science and economics. Since summer 2020, GSIPE has fostered exchanges among hundreds of junior international political economy scholars worldwide. Recognizing the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, particularly on scholarly travel for international colleagues, GSIPE will use its APSA Special Projects funds to develop hybrid pre-conference programming for junior international political economy scholars. GSIPE will host hybrid pre-conference and social events at APSA 2022 and ASSA 2023 and will provide up to 10 travel or caregiving grants to GSIPE members who otherwise would be unable to attend due to lack of conference funding.  We will also fund food and transportation for individuals to attend a GSIPE social event and hire an individual to provide live streaming support for these events. Together these hybrid events will improve GSIPE’s outreach and inclusion of junior political science and economics scholars’ research worldwide.

Amount: $10,000