Congratulations to Gregory A. Huber, Newly Elected Member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences

The American Academy of Arts & Sciences announced the election of 252 new members. The 2021 election provides an opportunity to recognize extraordinary people who help solve the world’s most urgent challenges, create meaning through art, and contribute to the common good from every field, discipline, and profession.

Gregory A. Huber, Yale University

Department of Political Science

Professor Gregory A. Huber’s research focuses on American Politics, and is motivated by a desire to understand how the interactions among the mass public and elites, political institutions, and policies explain important outcomes.

While the particular set of topics that he writes about has evolved over time, Professor Huber remains centrally interested in how individuals think about the government, how these attitudes are shaped by government action and political campaigns, and how those beliefs in turn shape citizens’ political activities and government policy.

Professor Huber draws on multiple methodologies in my research, including field interviews, formal modeling, survey and administrative records analysis, and field-, lab-, and quasi-experiments.