2020 Elections

Divine Intervention: Can Historically Black Fraternities & Sororities in the Divine Nine Shape Political History in the 2020 Election?

By Caroline Harper On August 11, 2020, presidential candidate Joe Biden announced Senator Kamala Harris as his pick for vice president in the 2020 election. While Harris’ nomination is not the first time a woman […]

Civic Education

Will The Pandemic Weaken The Union To The Point Of Collapse?

Over the past 20 years, I’ve taught thousands of students a particular narrative about how the US government formed—American colonists established mechanisms in the Constitution to help them solve significant collective action problems. It’s worth remembering that American government under the Constitution […]

Career Paths

Dr. Menna Demessie: How a Political Science PhD Prepared Her for a Career at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

Menna Demessie is the Vice President of Policy Analysis and Research at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. She also serves on the advisory board of APSA’s Congressional Fellowship Program. What kind of work do you […]

Career Paths

Part III: The phone rings. Now what?

Kelsey Shoub is an assistant professor at the University of South Carolina in Columbia and a former Post Doctoral Research Associate with the Center for Effective Lawmaking at the University of Virginia. Her research focuses […]