Why, and How, to Bridge the “Gap” Before Tenure? Peer Reviewed Research May Not Be the Only Strategic Move as a Graduate Student or Young Scholar

by Mariano E. Bertucci Graduate students and young scholars with a passion for making a difference in the real world through research are often advised to put those dreams to rest until after tenure. This contributes to […]


Partisan Politics and Congressional Election Prospects: Evidence from the Iowa Electronic Markets

by Joyce E. Berg, Christopher E. Penney. Thomas Rietz How do partisan politics affect future elections? Using the Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM), we assess the political impact of several important events during Fall 2013: The U.S. Government shutdown, the […]


Let’s Be Heard: Communicating Policy-Relevant Science

Communicating Policy-Relevant Science James N. Druckman, Northwestern University In this article, James N. Druckman explores the practical question of how political science can be best communicated to both policy makers and citizens. He begins by […]