Annual Conference

Chart of the Month: 2017 APSA Annual Meeting

The 2017 APSA Annual Meeting will be held in San Francisco, CA from Aug. 31 – Sep. 3, 2017.  There are 1, 224 event sessions.  APSA Annual Meeting attendees come from 66 countries around the […]


Chart of the Month: Enrollments in Political Science

APSA surveys the median enrollment of students in Political Science undergraduate courses within both public and private universities. It also displays the changes in enrollment due to the degree being offered in the field of […]


2015-2016 APSA Departmental Survey Doctoral Curriculum

Data from APSA’s 2015-16 Departmental Survey reveals fresh insights into doctoral curriculums at PhD-granting programs in political science and government. Curriculums tend to be similar across programs, regardless of theinstitutional affiliations, but there is variation […]


March Chart of the Month: How Much Do You Teach?

The  APSA Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC) focuses on promoting greater understanding of how to create an engaging environment for all students in the classroom. The conference is organized using a working group model which […]