2016 Elections

“Two Faces of the ‘Relational Turn’”

Peeter Selg “Relational” has become a buzz word. Over the past couple of decades, the talk of “relational” approaches has been growing so rapidly that it is almost impossible to keep track of the very […]

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2016 Elections

“What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been: Three Decades of Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education”

E. Fletcher McClellan This article examines outcomes assessment in higher education as a case study of policy implementation, analyzing why the assessment movement has encountered difficulty in achieving campus involvement and acceptance over the past […]

2016 Elections

“The Art of Elections”

Nancy S. Love, guest editor Contributors to “The Art of Elections” symposium explore how the arts and popular culture shape campaigns and elections, and how aesthetic appeals to voters have changed over time. Topics include […]

2016 Elections

Learning by Doing: Mentoring Group-Based Undergraduate Research Projects in an Upper-Level Political Science Course

Benjamin R. Knoll Undergraduate research is a “high-impact practice” that has been consistently shown to effectively promote desirable student-learning outcomes including critical thinking, logic, written and oral communication, problem solving, and interpretation of evidence, especially […]

2016 Elections

Appalachian State at the 2016 Iowa Caucus

Editor’s note: The students of Appalachian State are on the road at the Iowa Caucus. They’ve been kind enough to provide a narrative of their journey complete with pictures. We hope to get a couple […]