Bringing Women In: Mainstreaming Gender in the Teaching and Learning of Politics

Amy AtchinsonBy Amy L. Atchison (Valparaiso University)

All political science students, whether they are majors or not, benefit from exposure to the gendered ways in which societies operate.  In this paper, I discuss the ways in which I bring these issues into Introduction to Political Science, a general education course typically taken by non-political science majors.  The course was initially designed by my predecessor to examine issues of race and class; I have restructured the class to also include gender.  The challenge is that introductory texts tend not to incorporate gender as an analytic construct, and most treat race and class as an afterthought at best. I incorporate all three elements into the course through supplementary readings and classroom activities.  In this article, I provide suggestions, readings, and simulations that help political scientists to incorporate gendered material into introductory political science courses.

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PS: Political Science & Politics / Volume 49 / Issue 03 / July 2016, pp 546-549 / Copyright © American Political Science Association 2016