APSA Receives Major Gift to Victoria Schuck Award Fund

The American Political Science Association is pleased to announce a donation of $67,000.00 to the Victoria Schuck Fund as part of a bequest from the estate of Dr. Irving Krauss, in honor of his wife, Dr. Wilma Rule.

The association is honored to be part of Dr. Krauss and Dr. Rule’s legacy, and their generosity will ensure the security of this award for generations of outstanding scholars to come.

About the Victoria Schuck Fund

The Schuck Fund supports the Victoria Schuck Award, which is given annually for the best book published in the field of women and politics. It honors the lifelong service to the field of Victoria Schuck, who earned her PhD from Stanford University in 1937 and served in senior administrative roles at both Mt. Holyoke College and Mount Vernon College. The Schuck Award carries a prize of $1,000.00.

As a direct result of this gift, APSA will be able to significantly increase the size of the prize that the winner of the Victoria Schuck Award receives each year. The larger prize will result in greater recognition and encouragement of research and publication in the field of women and politics, which is essential to better understanding our complex and rapidly-changing world.

About Dr. Irving Krauss and Dr. Wilma Rule

Dr. Irving Krauss was a professor of sociology at Northern Illinois University (NIU) in DeKalb, IL. Krauss received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in 1962. He taught at the University of Hawaii for the next decade before moving to NIU, where he would spend the next 16 years of his career, including several years as department chair. His main research interests were stratification and class, with a special concern for the underprivileged. Krauss spent an active retirement in Alpine County, CA and passed away in 2015.

Dr. Wilma Rule was a noted scholar of gender, politics, and electoral systems. She received a B.A. in political science and journalism in 1949 and an M.A. in political science in 1950 from the University of California, Berkeley, and her PhD from the University of Hawaii in 1968. Rule held a post-doctoral fellowship from the Inter-University Consortium for Political Research at the University of Michigan, and did additional post-doctoral work at Northwestern University. At the time of her death in 2004, she worked as an adjunct professor at the University of Nevada, Reno. Rule was a longtime member of the association and served as the secretary-treasurer of the Organized Section on Representation and Electoral Systems. Rule’s work appeared in both the American Political Science Review and PS: Political Science and Politics and was widely presented at conferences in the profession around the world. The International Political Science Association’s prize for the best paper on gender and politics, founded in 2000, is named in honor of her achievements.

Planned Gifts to APSA

Bequests like Dr. Krauss and Dr. Rule’s have helped shape the association’s work for decades. The generosity of our members and friends makes us stronger. Through your gifts, programming like research and travel grants, awards, the Congressional Fellowship Program, the Centennial Center for Political Science and Public Affairs, the Ralph Bunche Summer Institute, and other initiatives promoting a vibrant future for the discipline are made possible.

For more information on how you can make a lasting impact on APSA’s work through a planned gift, or other ways that you can give, contact csinclair@apsanet.org.