Announcing the APSA 2019 Council Nominations

The APSA Nominating Committee is pleased to announce its 2019 nominees for APSA Council. Each has agreed to serve if elected.

The call for nominations was circulated among the membership, and outreach specifically to APSA committees and organized sections was conducted. The committee made its decisions after careful deliberation and consideration for the diversity of the field and the varied interests of political scientists. The candidates, along with any additional nominations by petition, will be put to a vote by the full membership via electronic ballot in July. Additional information about APSA elections, including instructions for submitting nominees by petition, is available here.

The 2018-2019 nominating committee is Todd Shaw, University of South Carolina (chair), Scott Gehlbach, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Alan Jacobs, University of British Columbia, Courtney Jung, University of Toronto, Alfred Montero, Carleton College, and Janelle Wong, University of Maryland.

Janet Box-Steffensmeier, Ohio State University 2019 2020
Vice President
Kerstin Hamann, University of Central Florida 2019 2020
Leonard Wantchekon, Princeton University 2019 2020
Melissa Williams, University of Toronto 2019 2020
Ben Ansell, University of Oxford 2019 2022
Erik Bleich, Middlebury College 2019 2022
Alexandra Filindra, University of Illinois at Chicago 2019 2022
Rebecca Gill, University of Nevada, Las Vegas 2019 2022
Soo Yeon Kim, National University of Singapore 2019 2022
David Leal, University of Texas, Austin 2019 2022
Suzanna Linn, Pennsylvania State University 2019 2022
Melanye Price, Prairie View A&M University 2019 2022


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