Short Course: Research Development Group


Research Development Group: Emerging Research from MENA Workshops Alumni
APSA International Programs

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

This short course will be an opportunity to engage with and support the research of a small group of alumni from APSA’s MENA Workshops program. Now in its fourth year of programming, the MENA Workshops have supported more than 80 early-career scholars from the US, Europe, and across the MENA region in their research, publishing, and networking.

The full-day course will feature two theme panels (one morning, one afternoon) in which attendees will discuss and offer feedback on current research undertaken by 6 MENA Workshops alumni, all of whom are based at institutions across the MENA region. Papers will not be presented in a formal sense; rather, panel sessions will be organized to allow for intense discussion and feedback on each paper. Discussion will be moderated by two senior faculty from the US, with a goal of identifying key areas for improvement in pursuit of publication in peer-reviewed journals.

The course is open to enrollment from any APSA member interested in engaging with these discussions and meeting participating alumni. The course is part of a larger initiative to support and enhance the networks of early-career scholars based in the MENA region.

**All Short Courses will take place on Wednesday, August 31 at the APSA 2016 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.