2021 Annual Meeting Video Highlights: Plenary Address: Appreciating and Leveraging the Diversity of Political Science


Presenter: Scott E Page, University of Michigan
Presenter: Laura Moses, The Ohio State University

The diversity – its theoretical and methodological breadth, varieties of source materials, and multiplicity of voices – provides reason for celebration as well as the promise and opportunity for deeper understandings of the world’s political systems as more useful practical insights as to how to improve them. To be effective, the enable the discipline to flourish, that diversity must exhibit organized complexity, such as found in a brain or an ecosystem or a well-functioning jazz quartet. How does a discipline composed of scholars with distinct research agendas, methodological toolkits, theoretical framings, and identity informed voices self-assemble (perhaps with a bit of institutional nudging) into a community that produces a collective intelligence that transcends its various parts?

On September 30 – October 3, 2021, the 117th APSA Annual Meeting & Exhibition was held both in-person, in Seattle, Washington, and virtually to address the latest scholarship in political science while exploring the 2021 theme, “Promoting Pluralism.” APSA and the 2021 Program Chairs Janet Box-Steffensmeier (former APSA President), Valeria Sinclair-Chapman and Dino P. Christenson (APSA 2021 Co-Chairs), participated in panels and sessions prepared by APSA divisions and numerous related groups. The 2021 Annual Meeting in-person meeting took place at the Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) and the Sheraton Grand Seattle Hotel.

APSA is pleased to offer recordings from the 2021 Annual Meeting for all APSA members as a benefit to the discipline. You can find more video highlights and recordings here.