2018 APSA RBSI Applications Due January 19 – Meet RBSI Scholar Monique Newton

 Apply for the APSA 2018 Ralph Bunche Summer Institute (RBSI) by January 19th

Monique Newton is a student at Oberlin College double majoring in politics and law and society with a minor in Africana studies. As a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Research Fellow at Oberlin College, she is currently working on a research project that examines the relationship between African Americans and the government through an analysis of African American political participation. Her project is titled “Myths vs. Reality: Uncovering the Causes of African American Voter Turnout in the United States.” She has also conducted research for a member of Boston City Council on a potential policy that guarantees state housing for citizens who have just been released from jail or prison. Her overall research interests include African American voting behavior and the affect public policy has on disadvantaged groups in the United States. In addition to her research, she has served as a member of the student finance committee, a seven-student committee that allocates 1.3 million dollars from the student activity fund to student organizations, for two years. In the future she plans to pursue a doctoral degree in political science.

About the RBSI Program
The RBSI is an annual, intensive five-week program held at Duke University. It is designed to introduce to the world of doctoral study in political science those undergraduate students from under-represented racial and ethnic groups or those interested in broadening participation in political science and pursuing scholarship on issues affecting under-represented groups. Participants in the RBSI are drawn from a competitive national applicant pool. The RBSI Selection Committee reviews applications and makes decisions during the month of February. The 2018 program be held from May 27 to June 28, 2018 at Duke University. Questions can be directed to Annalisa Dias-Mandoly at adiasmandoly@apsanet.org.

Submit your application here. Applications are due January 19, 2018.