The Broad Value of a PhD in Political Science

The latest virtual issue of PS features articles written by alumni of the Congressional Fellowship Program (CFP) from 2010 to 2015. The CFP fellows serve yearlong placements in congressional and executive offices, and they chronicle […]


Perceptions of Threat to Religious Liberty

By Kirby Goidel (Texas A&M University), Brian Smentkowski (Queens University of Charlotte) and Craig Freeman (Oklahoma State University) Religious freedom in the United States is widely enjoyed and vigorously protected. Yet, a substantial percentage of Americans believe that their […]

Annual Conference

Theme Panel: Affect, Polarization and Partisan Identity

Theme Panel: Affect, Polarization and Partisan Identity Sat, September 3, 8:00 to 9:30am The division of the American electorate along affective lines represents a significant shift in the role of partisanship as an identity. Although […]


(Un)Conventional Wisdom and Presidential Politics: The Myth of Convention Locations and Favorite-Son Vice Presidents

by David Schultz (Hamline University) Conventional wisdom and “old politicians’ tales” pervade  presidential politics, even in 2016.  Among widely held  tales by politicians and the media are two beliefs.  First, that a political party’s placement of […]