A Troika of Fellows

The latest virtual issue of PS features articles written by alumni of the Congressional Fellowship Program (CFP) from 2010 to 2015. The CFP fellows serve yearlong placements in congressional and executive offices, and they chronicle […]


More than Patrons: How Foundations Fuel Policy Change and Backlash

By Sarah Reckhow (Michigan State University) In educational policy, foundations have become increasingly involved in politics. Multiple major foundations, such as the Gates Foundation, Broad Foundation, and Walton Family Foundation, have supported a shared agenda including Common […]


Policy Plutocrats: How America’s Wealthy Seek to Influence Governance

By Kristin A. Goss (Duke University) American democracy faces serious challenges, including hyper-partisanship, declining public confidence in government, and legislative paralysis. When government cannot or will not act, civil society and its philanthropic patrons offer an […]