Update on the APSA Teaching and Learning Conference

The American Political Science Association is very pleased to offer opportunities to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning in the profession. The Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC) is a key part of APSA programming, and we are writing to inform you of changes to the conference format and timing. The following changes were approved at a meeting of the Governing Council of APSA in April 2017:

  • Beginning in 2018, the TLC will be held biennially. Thus, the next TLC conference will occur in February 2018, followed by 2020 and 2022.
  • The format of the conference will be revised to include working group tracks as well as panels and workshops.
  • Beginning in 2019, the Political Science Education Organized Section will organize a biennial Mini-Conference on Teaching and Learning to be held in conjunction with the APSA Annual Meeting. The PSE Section will select a program chair to organize this mini-conference in conjunction with APSA.

As ever, APSA is committed to providing venues for political science scholars to share effective and innovative teaching and learning models, as well as discuss broad themes of political science education and the scholarship of teaching and learning. The changes outlined here are part of APSA’s overall strategy to increase the resources available to APSA members pertaining to teaching and learning.

If you have questions or feedback please feel free to contact Steven Rathgeb Smith, APSA executive director, at smithsr@apsanet.org or Julia Schwarz, APSA associate director of academic and professional development programs, at jschwarz@apsanet.org.