Understanding Brexit: UK and US Perspectives

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Brexit took many political scientists by surprise and we are now embarking on the process of making sense of its causes and consequences. The British Journal of Politics and International Relations (BJPIR) has recently published a special issue on Brexit. Edited by Daniel Wincott (Cardiff University), it brings together a diverse range of perspectives on the question. Was Brexit inevitable? What was the role of immigration? What are the implications now for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

With support from the PSA-APSA Specialist Group International Engagement Initiative, John Peterson (Edinburgh University and Editor-in-Chief of the BJPIR) was able to convene a panel of contributors to the special issue at the APSA Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Charlotte Galpin (Birmingham), Graham Wilson (Boston), Matthew Goodwin (Kent) and Karen Smith (LSE) all delivered papers at the event. The discussant was Erik Jones (Johns Hopkins), Chair of the APSA European Politics and Society Section.

 The BJPIR special issue on Brexit is free to view until the end of 2017: http://journals.sagepub.com/page/bpi/collections/virtual-issues/brexit