Travel Grant Update: How more scholars will benefit from the APSA Annual Meeting

Although financial barriers can be an impediment to gaining a foothold in the political science discipline, travel grants to APSA’s Annual Meetings are one of the most cost-effective ways to ensuring that the largest gathering of political scientists continues to be enriched by the participation of scholars regardless of their personal financial abilities.

That is why every dollar you choose donate to the APSA Annual Fund between May 6 – May 13 will be earmarked for supporting travel grants to international scholars, graduate students, and those without a full-time faculty position for the 2019 APSA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

Last year, travel grants helped more than 470 scholars attend the APSA Annual Meeting in Boston. For 2019, we aim to broaden access to the opportunities for networking, sharing research, and resources available at the meeting as the need for travel grants continues to grow; more than 600 applicants submitted a travel grant request for 2019.

Recipients of travel grants report that the opportunity to attend the APSA Annual Meeting has had unparalleled value to them in terms of career development and has allowed them to personally interact with peers and established political scientists from around the world.

Here are some of the scholars who benefited from travel grants:

Kiran Auerbach of the University of Bergen attended the meeting in San Francisco and said, “This was my first time attending APSA’s Annual Meeting, and I was very excited to have been selected to present a paper at the conference. My home university could not help to cover any conference-related costs…”.


Katerina Tertytchnaya
of the University College London also attended that meeting and said, “I am immensely grateful to be a recipient of the APSA travel grants. … All panels and poster sessions were most engaging and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to receive thorough feedback on my paper.”

Travel grants offer a tangible means to connect and integrate our increasingly international membership, provide a diverse environment for cross-cultural and intradisciplinary cooperation, and facilitate research and professional development.

Please consider making your annual contribution to APSA by May 13 so that deserving scholars will be able to benefit from attending the APSA Annual Meeting. Every contribution, no matter the size, will really make a difference.

Make a Contribution Today
To make a contribution, be sure to login to your MyAPSA member profile and visit the APSA donation page. The APSA Annual Fund is the first fund on the list. Enter the amount that you would like to contribute. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the green “Donate Now” button submit your contribution.

 The APSA Annual Fund provides supplemental support to critical APSA programs. The Fund also enables APSA to create new initiatives. It is impossible to anticipate all of the challenges the profession will meet, but your generosity, and that of hundreds of other APSA members, enables the Association to make resources available to the political science community.

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