Theme Panel: Where to with the Liberal Order?

Where to with the Liberal Order?

Now where to in the Global Order? And what are the role and actions of the United States in the face of rising nationalism? The challenge by Trump, but by ‘Democrat’ Bernie Sanders as well, challenged US leadership in the Liberal Order. The anti-globalist rhetoric – the attack on trade, alliance politics and US leadership generally in the rhetoric of ‘America First’, rhetorically left the Liberal Order in tatters.

What is the future of the Liberal Order now in a Trump Presidency with a rising tide of populism and illiberal democracy. In particular, if the US retreats from global leadership, undermines the post war alliances and multilateral trade trade regimes, what is the replacement, and what must the US do?

Alan S. Alexandroff, University of Toronto (Chair)
Judith Lynn Goldstein, Stanford University (Presenter)
Stephen D. Krasner, Stanford University (Presenter)
Martha Finnemore, George Washington University (Presenter)
Arthur A. Stein, UCLA (Presenter)
Miles Kahler, American University (Presenter)
Stephen M. Walt, Harvard University (Presenter)
Etel L. Solingen, University of California Irvine (Presenter)