Theme Panel: The First 222 Days (But Who’s Counting?)

The First 222 Days (But Who’s Counting?): Sex, Gender, Race, and Class

Though we are sure that there will be many policy and voting behavior related panels concerning the new presidential administration, we aim to collect feminist political theorists to consider the ethical and philosophical significance of the policy changes that will undoubtedly unfold before the 2017 APSA convention. “The Quest for Legitimacy” is particularly relevant to feminism at this point, since the election of Donald Trump symbolized the repudiation of everything that we have worked for, stand for, and believe in. That we have been reduced suddenly and apparently from engaged actors to passive spectators should not mask our aspirations to resist and fight the retrenchment on advances for women, people of color, LGBT individuals and poor persons that are likely to occur over the next four years. But such aspirations require theorists to offer critical engagement and analysis to provide our empirical colleagues with the normative foundations on which to found their research.

Nancy J. Hirschmann, University of Pennsylvania (Chair)
Tamara Metz, Reed College (Presenter)
Heath Fogg Davis, Temple University (Presenter)
Juliet Hooker, University of Texas, Austin (Presenter)
Eileen Hunt Botting, University of Notre Dame (Presenter)
Brooke A. Ackerly, Vanderbilt University (Presenter)
Michaele L. Ferguson, University of Colorado, Boulder (Presenter)