Theme Panel: Populism, Immigration, Race, and LGBT Rights in the U.S. and Europe

Populism, Immigration, Race, and LGBT Rights in the U.S. and Europe

Brexit, the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the issues surrounding the French 2017 election indicate that there are similar issues driving electoral behavior in the U.S. and Europe. Race, immigration (including immigrant integration), expanded LGBT rights as well as concerns about globalization seem to be driving support for populist right politicians. In this context, it is critical for political science that we work across sub-disciplinary divides. In order to understand the developing trends it will be important for Americanists, comparativists, theorists and IR specialists to work together and share approaches that can help us understand the broader complexity that is driving electoral behavior. The papers on this panel will examine the topics that are helping to drive the support for Brexit and politicians like Marine Le Pen in France and Donald Trump in the U.S. Populist politicans are calling into question the legitimacy of mainstream politicians who they say are failing at integrating immigrants, and are no longer supporting the interests of middle-class and working-class voters.

Terri E Givens, Menlo College (Chair)
Dianne M. Pinderhughes, University of Notre Dame (Discussant)
Christopher S. Parker, University of Washington (Discussant)

The Perils of Benchmarking Immigrant Integration to ‘Mainstream’ Society
Rahsaan Maxwell, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Author)
Laurence Lessard-Phillips, University of Birmingham (Author)

When Rights are Unpopular: LGBT Realities in a Right-Wing Populist World
Melissa R. Michelson, Menlo College (Author)
Brian F. Harrison, Northwestern University (Author)

Race and Democracy: After 2016
Utz Lars McKnight, University of Alabama (Author)

Roots of the Radical Right: Perceived Deprivation in the US and Britain
Justin Gest, George Mason University (Author)