Theme Panel: Plural Approaches to Understanding COVID-19 Response

Plural Approaches to Understanding COVID-19 Response

In-Person Created Panel
Co-sponsored by Division 29: States Politics and Policy


  • (Discussant) John D. Wilkerson, University of Washington;
  • (Chair) Matthew P. Motta, Oklahoma State University


  • Understanding U.S. COVID-19 Policy Responses Across States Over Time
    Deserai Anderson Crow, University of Colorado Denver; Manli Zhang, University of Colorado Denver; Rob A. DeLeo, Bentley University; Kristin Taylor, Wayne State University; Elizabeth Koebele, University of Nevada, Reno; Thomas A. Birkland, North Carolina State University; Elizabeth Ann Albright, Duke University; Nathan Jeschke, University of Colorado Denver; Honey Minkowitz, North Carolina State University
  • State Capacity and Covid-19 Responses: Comparing the U.S. States
    Kiran Rose Auerbach, University of Bergen; Joshua Yoshio Lerner, Duke University; Hannah Ridge, Duke University
  • State Adoption of Legal Immunity for Nursing Homes During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Pamela Nadash, University of Massachusetts, Boston; Edward Alan Miller, University of Massachusetts, Boston; Michael K. Gusmano, Rutgers University
  • Representation in State Legislatures and the Response to COVID-19
    Nadia E. Brown, Purdue University; Erik Grant Hanson, University of California, Los Angeles; Natalie Masuoka, University of California, Los Angeles; Michael Strawbridge, Purdue University

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