Theme Panel: Muslim American Identity and Political Behavior

Muslim American Identity and Political Behavior

Political science has been slow to study the political behavior of Muslim Americans, a demographic group that has been increasingly prominent in American politics. The four papers on this panel take steps to address this limitation. Using a range of methodological approaches, their authors examine processes of Muslim American identity formation, mobilization, and participation in elections and other political activities. Their individual findings, and the dialogue the panel will facilitate among them, will contribute to the burgeoning research literature on Muslim American politics.

Melissa R. Michelson, Menlo College (Chair)
Shamira M. Gelbman, Wabash College (Discussant)
Rina Verma Williams, University of Cincinnati (Discussant)

Trumping the Trump Effect: Social Identity Cues and Anti-Muslim Rhetoric
Brian R. Calfano, University of Cincinnati (Author)

Muslim Americans and the 2016 Elections
Emily Cury, Northeastern University (Author)

Belonging, Identity and the Immigrant-Indigenous Divide among American Muslims
Ahmet Selim Tekelioglu, Boston University (Author)

Gender and Political Behavior among Muslim Americans
Aubrey Westfall, Virginia Wesleyan College (Author)
Bozena Christina Welborne, Smith College (Author)
Ozge Celik Russell, Gazi University (Author)
Sarah Tobin, Brown University (Author)