Theme Panel: Mental Health in Political Science

Mental Health in Political Science

Co-sponsored by Division 10: Political Science Education
Virtual Roundtable

(Chair) Macartan Humphreys, Columbia University; (Presenter) Nasir Almasri, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; (Presenter) Dana El Kurd, University of Richmond; (Presenter) Justin Zimmerman, Northwestern University; (Presenter) Rosalie Rubio, George Washington University

Session Description:
There is a severe mental health crisis among graduate students in political science. Political science PhD students in the United States exhibit an unusually high rate of suicidal ideation, depression, and anxiety among (Almasri, Read, and Vandeweerdt 2021).

This roundtable will begin a broader conversation in political science about mental health struggles among scholars in the discipline. It brings together individuals of different backgrounds and positions to expand upon their personal experiences with mental health struggles, to recommend strategies for managing mental health, and to share ideas for short- and long-term changes that the discipline might pursue to help improve the overall mental health of scholars.

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