Theme Panel: Measuring Misperceptions and Misinformed Beliefs

Measuring Misperceptions and Misinformed Beliefs

Virtual Created Panel


  • (Chair) Matthew H Graham, Yale University;
  • (Discussant) Jennifer Jerit, Stony Brook University;
  • (Discussant) Scott Clifford, University of Houston


  • Reconsidering Political Knowledge and Misinformation
    Robert C. Luskin, University of Texas, Austin; Gaurav Sood, Independent
  • Measuring Misperceptions?
    Matthew H Graham, Yale University
  • The Prevalence and Consequences of Certainty in Political Misperceptions
    Brian Guay, Duke University
  • A Multilevel Approach to COVID-19 Misperceptions
    Jianing Li, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Michael W. Wagner, University of Wisconsin, Madison