Theme Panel: Latinx Scholars Respond to Political Disinformation

Latinx Scholars Respond to Political Disinformation


(Chair) Olivia Garcia, University of Texas at El Paso;  (Presenter) Ivelisse Cuevas-Molina, Fordham University; (Presenter) Cristina Beltran, New York University; (Presenter) Justin H. Gross, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; (Presenter) David R. Ayon; (Presenter) Valerie J. Martinez-Ebers, University of North Texas; (Presenter) Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado, University of Nebraska, Omaha; (Presenter) Tony Affigne, Providence College

Session Description:
In recent months, activists, journalists, politicians, and scholars have become increasingly concerned about systematic misinformation and calculated disinformation, being disseminated in Latino communities across the country. Voters are being misled and confused by the spread of conspiracy theories around COVID, the 2020 election, immigration policy, and other issues, with false narratives seeping into congregations of Spanish-speaking churches, talk radio, social media, and everyday discourse on the street.

This roundtable features political science scholars who are engaged in pushing back against disinformation using the tools, insights, and visibility of our research and public scholarship. Panelists and audience members will be invited to share effective responses, useful data, reports from the field, and other resources which can further counter attempts to undermine mobilization, solidarity, and empowerment in our Latino political communities.

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