Theme Panel: Information and Legitimacy

Information and Legitimacy: Results from the first EGAP Metaketa

Does a more informed electorate foster greater political accountability, and can the provision of information thereby increase the legitimacy of elected representatives? In this roundtable, we present and discuss results from the inaugural Metaketa of the Evidence in Governance and Politics (EGAP) group, a novel initiative that sponsored a series of seven harmonized field experimental studies in six countries. In contrast to a synthetic standalone paper that will present meta-analysis of overall results from these studies at APSA 2017, the focus of this roundtable is on variation in results across contexts and interventions. Participants comprised of project teams on the Metaketa will share and debate the outcome of this first-of-its-kind approach to the challenge of cumulative learning from experimental research. The discussion will be based on a forthcoming book with Cambridge University Press.

Thad Dunning, University of California, Berkeley (Chair)
F. Daniel Hidalgo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Presenter)
Melina Raquel Platas Izama, NYU Abu Dhabi (Presenter)
Horacio Alejandro Larreguy, Harvard University (Presenter)
Neelanjan Sircar, University of Pennsylvania (Presenter)
Eric J. Kramon, George Washington University (Presenter)
Mark Buntaine, University of California, Santa Barbara (Presenter)
Malte Lierl, Yale University (Presenter)