Theme Panel: Experiments in State Capacity and Popular Legitimacy

Experiments in State Capacity and Popular Legitimacy

Papers on this panel offer experimental examinations of the state’s capacity to foster legitimacy and of popular legitimacy for the rule of law.

Adeline Lo. Princeton University (Chair)

Can Community Policing Expand State Capacity? An experiment in Papua New Guinea
Jasper Jack Cooper, (Author)

Does Cross-Cutting Discussion Reduce Support for Sectarian Politics?
Laura B. Paler, University of Pittsburgh (Author)
Leslie Marshall, University of Pittsburgh (Non-Presenting Co-Author)

Optimal Aggregation Mechanisms for Crisis Bargaining
Brad L. LeVeck, University of California, Merced (Author)

Popular Legitimacy and the Rule of Law: Experimental Evidence from China
Gregory Love, University of Mississippi (Author)
Jennifer Wilking, California State University, Chico (Author)