Theme Panel: Diversity, Threats, and Exclusion: Experimental Investigations

Diversity, Threats, and Exclusion: Experimental Investigations

Sat, September 5, 10:15am to 12:00pm, Hilton, Continental Parlor 2
Session Description

The effects of diversity on intergroup attitudes and behaviors are ambiguous. Diversity has been shown to promote workplace productivity, but also to hinder trust and cooperation between groups. Relying on experimental methods and leveraging timely topics, this panel examines under what conditions diversity is likely to manifest as a threat. Adida, Dionne Diversity,-Threats,-and-Exclusionand Platas Izama leverage the 2014 Ebola outbreak to better understand how threats are manufactured by the wider informational and partisan environment. Enos analyzes the effects of spatial segregation on intergroup hostility. Wasow leverages the Ferguson, MO protests to examine when group threat damages intergroup attitudes and increases conservative political preferences. Marar and Michelson analyze the relationship between perceptions of coethnicity and discrimination toward Middle Eastern Americans. Finally, Pedraza investigates how cues about immigrant enforcement influence Latino reliance on healthcare services and political engagement. Together, this set of papers enriches our understanding of the conditional effects of diversity on intergroup behavior.