The Collaborative Multiracial Post-Election Survey (CMPS)

The Collaborative Multiracial Post-Election Survey (CMPS): Building The Academic Pipeline Through Data Access, Publication, and Networking Opportunities

By Lorrie Frasure-YokleyUniversity of California, Los Angeles, Janelle Wong, University of Maryland, College Park, Edward VargasArizona State University, and Matt BarretoUniversity of California, Los Angeles

The Collaborative Multiracial Post-Election Survey (CMPS) is changing the way high-quality survey data are collected among racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Through collaboration and inclusiveness, the CMPS also broadens the scope of who has access to high-quality survey data in academia and beyond. In spring 2016, scholars around the country were invited to join a cooperative to self-fund the survey through the purchase of question content by contributors. Led by co-Principal Investigators Matt Barreto (UCLA), Lorrie Frasure-Yokley (UCLA), Edward Vargas (Arizona State University), and Janelle Wong (University of Maryland–College Park), the 2016 CMPS represents the first cooperative, multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual, post-election online survey in race, ethnicity, and politics (REP) in the United States. All questions were generated through funding contributions from a national team of more than 85 researchers from 55 colleges and universities across 17 academic disciplines.