The North Dakota Firehouse Caucus

The presidential nominating caucus is facing increased scrutiny after the Democratic Party in Iowa experienced a number of technological challenges that delayed the tabulation of their final caucus results. Consequently, many eyes are on the […]

2020 Elections

Washington State Voters Head to Primary School

In late February and early March, Washington state voters will be able to engage in their first full-blown presidential primary.  And it’s a particularly important election, given that the state’s primary will come with at […]

2020 Elections

Colorado: Party Raiding, Winnowing, and Timing

On March 3, Colorado joins 13 other states in holding presidential nominating contests as part of Super Tuesday. A few features of this contest are new and fairly novel for presidential nomination contests, so this […]

2020 Elections

The Nevada Caucus: First in the West

Every state has some sort of primary election to help assist each political party in obtaining their nominee for President. Some states have closed primaries, others have open primaries, and a select few have caucuses. […]