Strategies for How Men can Advance Gender Equity in Political Science

Strategies for How Men can Advance Gender Equity in Political Science

By Daniel J. Mallinson, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg and Rebecca D. Gill, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Much has been written about gender inequalities in political science. Gender equity advice typically targets women or professional bodies. This spotlight addresses men in the discipline directly about their role in promoting gender equity. Doing so shifts the burden off women colleagues and invites men to share the burden of changing macro-, meso-, and micro-level structures and barriers to equity. As Kate Perry and Tobias T. Gibson argue, “those with the most power have the greatest responsibility to change systems that are unequal.” 

The symposium has its roots in the 2018 APSA Hackathon, which produced recommendations on gender equity. The essays in this spotlight build on that work by delving into each topic more deeply. The collection demonstrates how important men are in advancing gender. Each essay provides actionable advice for men and is targeted largely at individuals and departments. This was a conscious choice on our part. It is in these everyday settings that men must serve as allies for their women and non-binary colleagues. Our hope is that this spotlight further calls attention to these issues and provides a starting point for those who wish to contribute positively to the creation of an equitable discipline.

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