Statement in Support of Dr. Jenn M. Jackson

On behalf of the American Political Science Association, we condemn the violent threats and harassment leveled against Dr. Jenn M. Jackson of Syracuse University and express our support for Dr. Jackson’s freedom of speech. The exploration and discussion of controversial political topics is at the very core of our disciplinary enterprise, and a central component of academic freedom more generally. While there is a place for civil and thoughtful disagreement within that exploration, violent threats and harassment are unacceptable.

We are grateful that the leadership of Syracuse University and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs have both upheld the institution’s commitment to academic freedom and also taken steps to ensure the safety of Dr. Jackson.

Janet Box-Steffensmeier
APSA President

John Ishiyama
APSA President-Elect

Paula McClain
APSA Past-President

Steven Rathgeb Smith
APSA Executive Director

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