Spring 2020 Centennial Center Teaching & Learning Symposium

Fall 2018 Centennial Center Teaching & Learning Symposium

In 2018, APSA launched the Centennial Center Teaching & Learning Symposia. Since then, APSA has planned to hold two to four of these three-day events per year at APSA’s headquarters in Washington, DC. Themes for the symposia so far have included political theory, comparative politics, and undergraduate research methods. APSA invites two experts in the field to lead and facilitate the discussions and approximately 15-20 political scientists participate. The teaching & learning symposia provide a unique opportunity for faculty and graduate students with similar teaching interests to present on timely substantive issues in the field, share best practices, and develop new teaching resources.

Similar to other conferences and workshops, during the first two days of the event, participants present on their own pedagogical techniques or they present “state-of-the discipline” talks about emerging substantive issues. However, on the third day, participants do something a bit different. They break out into teams and develop, from scratch, new teaching resources that can be shared with the broader political science community. Teams are constructed during the symposium, based on participants’ interests. The participants spend the day creating and presenting on their new resource, which is related to the event theme. The teams continue to work after the event, finalizing their materials and sharing them online in the weeks following the conclusion of each symposium.

Spring 2018 Centennial Center Teaching & Learning Symposium

In previous symposia participants have produced a variety of resources. For example, one team created a starter pack for those faculty who were interested in using simulations and/or debates in their political theory classrooms. Other resources produced during the symposia can be found here.

APSA is continuing its’ efforts to support teaching and learning with the upcoming Spring 2020 Centennial Center Teaching & Learning Symposium led by Natalie Masuoka (University of California, Los Angeles) and Chris Stout (Oregon State University).

The theme of this event is Race, Ethnicity and Politics, and will be held from April 30, 2020 to May 2, 2020.

The application deadline is January 24, 2020. Please visit the Centennial Center website for information and to submit proposals.