Short Course: City Politics in an Increasingly Urban World


City Politics in an Increasingly Urban World: Mainstreaming the Local in the Study of Policy and Politics
Clarence Stone and Ronald Vogel
Comparative Urban Politics related group; Section on Urban Politics

1:00 pm – 5:30 pm

As the world becomes increasingly urban, the study of urban politics and governance should become more central within political science. Yet, at exactly this urban moment, we are finding the study of urban politics is under pressure. In this short course/workshop, we look to understand the various ways urban politics is studied within Political Science, the growing importance of comparative urban politics including bringing in the Global South, and the future of urban politics scholarship and discipline.

Panel 1: What is Urban Politics? Sub-disciplinary and Cross-disciplinary Perspectives

  1. Moderator: Marion Orr (Brown University)
  2. Clarence Stone (George Washington University), The Evolution of American Urban Politics
  3. Blair Ruble (Wilson Center), Field of Comparative Urban Politics and the Global South
  4. Ronald K. Vogel and Meghan Joy (Ryerson University), Geographies of Urban Politics
  5. Mara Sidney (Rutgers University – Newark), Policy Study and Urban Politics: A Critical Perspective

Panel 2: How to Do Comparative Urban Politics – Institutions (formal and informal)

  1. Moderator: Kristin Good (Dalhousie University)
  2. Martin Horak, (University of Western Ontario), Comparing the US and Canada
  3. Maureen Donaghy (Rutgers University – Camden), Comparing the US and Latin America
  4. David Kaufmann (University of Bern), Comparing the US and Europe
  5. Jeff Paller (University of San Francisco), Comparative Urban and the Global South

Panel 3: Roundtable on The Future of Comparative Urban Politics

  1. Moderator: Richard Stren (University of Toronto)
  2. Theresa Enright (University of Toronto)
  3. Veronica Herrera (University of Connecticut)
  4. Laura Reese (Michigan State University)
  5. Elizabeth Strom (University of South Florida)

**All Short Courses will take place on Wednesday, August 31 at the APSA 2016 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.