Share Your Publicly Engaged Projects with the Humanities Community!

Humanities for All is a project spotlighting engaged humanities projects across the United States. The online resource, organized by the National Humanities Alliance, maps more than 1,500 projects so far. Humanities for All is searching for new contributions that fall under the following five categories:

  1. Outreach: scholarly programming and media for a general audience, including public lectures, op-eds, and podcasts;
  2. Engaged research: research initiatives in which higher education faculty and students partner with community members, including community-based research;
  3. Engaged teaching: higher education coursework involving community engagement, including service learning and project-based learning beyond the university;
  4. Engaged public programming: public programming in which the primary objective is not the transfer of knowledge but the creation of an experience, such as community conversation programming; and
  5. The infrastructure of engagement: institutional structures that support engaged scholarship, including degree programs, centers, funding opportunities, digital technologies, and curriculum reorientation initiatives.

To suggest your own project or nominate another, please fill out the short form available here.