Review of Sexual Minorities and Politics: An Introduction

Review of Sexual Minorities and Politics: An Introduction

By Kevin G. Lorentz II, Wayne State University

Increasingly referred to as the “new Civil Rights Movement,” the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community’s social and political advocacy remains an active front in America’s culture war. Recent “wins” by the LGBT community in 2015 (namely, marriage equality following the Obergefell decision) gave way to increase conflict on other fronts in 2016, including Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act to North Carolina’s HB 2 that prohibited transgendered persons from using the restroom of their chosen gender. While controversial, these topics are the mainstay of many political and social science courses that instructors cannot simply ignore. Indeed, the inaugurating of unified Republican control at the federal level suggests that the topic of LGBT rights will only increase in stature- and remain salient in classroom discussions. Thus, the need for a comprehensive, contemporarily updated test becomes all the more apparent.

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Journal of Political Science Education | Pages 239-242 | Volume 13, 2017 – Issue 1, Published online: 2 March 2017