Resource of the Week: Satire Critical Analysis Assignment

Satire Critical Analysis Assignment

by Rebecca Glazier

This is an assignment for a one-page critical analysis of a piece of satire identified by the student.

Some people may think that political science is dry and boring. In this assignment, you get to prove to me that political science can be hilarious and you get to show off your critical thinking skills at the same time. For the satire assignment, you will have to:

  1. Find a piece of political satire that is applicable to either current events or the topics we are discussing in class (or both).
  2. Share your satire with the class. You do this by emailing me a picture of or link to your satire by the night before your assigned date to present in class. I will put it into our slides for the day and you will take 2-3 minutes at the start of class to tell us about your satire.
  3. Turn in a one-page critical analysis of the satire through Safe Assign.

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