Press Gallery: APSA Members in the Media

A roundup of blogs, articles, and interviews from APSA Members, September 2017
Welcome to Press Gallery, APSA’s new roundup that features examples of blogging, writing, and interviews featuring political scientists. Public engagement is a valuable part of APSA members’ work. This regular roundup will spotlight the variety of ways APSA members write and talk about their expertise with the public. We are always eager to follow our members’ engagement online. Let us know what you are doing or reading with the hashtag #APSAPressGallery, or by email to

The Month in Writing

Recent blogs and op-eds authored by APSA members

Speaking Up: Political Scientists in the Media

Pieces providing insight into a current issue in the news

Subject Spotlight: Charlottesville  

Pieces providing insight into an issue in the news.

Coming soon to PSNow: Stay tuned for a list of additional writings and related teaching and learning resources on Charlottesville specifically, and politics, power, and group differences more broadly.

Visit the APSA Public Engagement homepage to learn about resources and opportunities for public engagement, including the APSA experts database.